Humans reflect unseen powers in forms of visional phantoms, worship them, have fearful implications. These themes have been taken in many of the myths and fairy tales. There are multi types of interesting creatures taking forms of variable illusional characters. Imaginary creatures that fly freely in the sky, humans transformed into a different shape, and chimeras such as combined different species in one. Our desires appear to be in multiple of figures when it is freed from limitations. When it comes to fully expressing one’s imagination, it unlatches the doors to boundlessness, leads you to the world of infinity where anyone can earn a place by doing so.
NORITAKA TATEHANA’s 2011 collection is made with the theme of PHANTOM.
MATERIAL: From dyeing to embossing of leather, whole process is performed by handwork. Brass buttons and thorns are 2011 collection’s original products. These products are also available for custom orders as for optional.
Copyright © 2011 NORITAKA TATEHANA All Rights Reserved.
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